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Auto Repair


Welcome to MARCO AUTO REPAIR. We are the super-efficient and honest automotive shops that you can trust. Since 2005, our original shop has remained the reliable choice in the community for all of your auto care needs. We proudly work on all makes and models of vehicles and will happily assist you with any repair or service that your car will need in its lifetime. 

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Car transmission problems or failures can happen at any time for a host of reasons. Your choices for fixing the transmission include repairing, rebuilding, or replacing it.

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At our facility, we look out for our clients. You will be clearly informed about each step of the engine rebuilding process.

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At Marco Workshop, We provide a range of engine replacement services to suit any combination of your needs. 

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Regular Oil Change & Oil Filter Replacement help protect your engine and keep your car running smoothly.


Services from Marco bare trusted, reliable and professional.



We understand how hard it can be to make a decision, regarding your vehicle. Sometimes, you wonder if your auto mechanic is upfront with you. At our facility, we look out for our clients

Engine Re-Biuld


We Regular Oil Change & Oil Filter Replacement help protect your engine and keep your car running smoothly. Oil changes and filter replacement help to promote maximum vehicle performance and extending the life of your car.

Oil Change


Brakes keep you and your family safe. Brake parts and brake services are not what you want to skimp on. But we understand the importance of reducing expenses and we aim to offer cost-effective solutions that provide leading services as well. Come see us for a brake job today.



In your town we provide you all kind of services related to car air conditioning . All car make and models and its spare parts can be repaired or installed by experienced professionals.



When it comes to having a pleasant drive, the only thing that rivals your car’s A/C in importance is your car’s heater. When winter arrives and the temperature drops



What they say

I've been taking my vehicles to Marco Auto Repair for a number of years and have always had a good experience. Customer service is excellent and they live by the golden rule. Can't recommend them enough!

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