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Car transmission problems or failures can happen at any time for a host of reasons. Your choices for fixing the transmission include repairing, rebuilding, or replacing it. If presented with the choice, it can help you to understand the main differences between these options.

When to Consider a Transmission Repair

A car's transmission consists of an incredible amount of parts. Each component of the transmission is important. However, each component of a car's transmission can wear or take damage independently of every other part of the transmission. A transmission repair will replace only the parts needed to get your transmission back up and running.

The main concern with a repair of this nature is it may not solve an underlying issue. The transmission may have too much damage, which can make a small repair akin to a stopgap measure that will only become a problem again sooner than later.

Often, repairs work best when the problem is a surface level issue. If a technician has to disassemble the transmission and all its subassemblies, the process can take more time and cost more as well. When the technician has to dig deep into the transmission to find the problem, a transmission rebuild can become a better option.

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